Thinking about Jewish Silence

This was partly written for other Jewish people who have often been silent about their thoughts about Israel/Palestine with family and publicly, and to encourage people to have conversations. Palestinians have been urging non-Palestinians to speak out this week. I want to encourage Jewish people to listen to Palestinian people who are talking about their … Continue reading Thinking about Jewish Silence

My favourite comics of the 2010s

About this list I'm not suggesting that these are the best comics of the last decade (I don't think a list like that is even possible), but I would recommend them to anyone interested in comics. They are biased towards indie press and autobiography because those are the comics that generally have meant the most … Continue reading My favourite comics of the 2010s

Toronto Zine Library Fundraiser at Glad Day Bookstore

  Please share this info and support DIY zine culture in Toronto 🖤 The Toronto Zine Library is hosting an event to raise money for a new printer and scanner for the library, and to help support future library operations. The library would like to provide accessible printing/copy methods for zine makers. Also, the scanner … Continue reading Toronto Zine Library Fundraiser at Glad Day Bookstore