Toronto Zine Library Fundraiser at Glad Day Bookstore

TZL Fundraiser Poster, August 4th copy


Please share this info and support DIY zine culture in Toronto 🖤

The Toronto Zine Library is hosting an event to raise money for a new printer and scanner for the library, and to help support future library operations. The library would like to provide accessible printing/copy methods for zine makers. Also, the scanner will support a special project that we have been working on (to be revealed the night of the fundraiser!)

The fundraiser will take place Saturday, August 4th at Glad Day Bookstore from 6-9pm. There will be live music, guest artists, a raffle, and a station where you can make zines!

Libraries like the Toronto Zine Library are far too rare, and much needed. The TZL is a much loved special place for everyone who has volunteered and visited, and we want to keep it running. The collection holds zines made by creators from all around the world speaking from diverse experiences and knowledge. The TZL is a place that aims to accept everyone and help support marginalized creators.

(Let me know if you would like a copy of this image to share elsewhere)

Thank you!


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