Shop Girl Oct, 2017

Stories about being a girl working in retail

You can read it by clicking here: Shop Girl


Baba Yaga Zine

A spooky zine made on a spooky night with the background sounds of a thunderstorm.

You can access the pdf here: Baba Yaga Zine

A page from The Alphabet of Wicked Women:

For website Ingrid

A pdf of this zine can be found below! I have changed the print formatting from the original zine so that you can read the pages online in order, and you are welcome to print out pages to use as a colouring book (for personal use)

Click here to access pdf copy of zine: The Alphabet of Wicked Women Zine



Click here to access pdf copy of zine: Bluebeard


Galapaloons Zine

A short zine with a few tales from childhood. The name Galapaloons is what my brother used to call the characters I made up because they had very long ridiculous names.

You can access the pdf by clicking here and also on the Blog page: Galapaloons Zine



A handwritten zine based on a few personal Toronto renting adventures.

You can access the pdf by clicking here: Toronto Renting Adventures zine


Planets Zine

A zine about planets.

You can access this zine by clicking here: Planets Zine


Alice's Dream Remedies

A silly collection of correspondences between a dream exorcist/ advice columnist and those who email her.

A pdf of this zine:Alice’s Dream Remedies

izine9 (1)

Version 2

This zine was created as part of a visual research project using data collected from the iSquares research method. This was an assignment for the course INF1300: Foundations of Library and Information Science at the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto, in the fall of 2015.

You can find the zine, more information on the project, and other student work here:


Or you can view the pdf here: The Information Monster Zine




A colourful zine Milk Teeth + Bubblegum on a Toronto Sidewalk (16 surreal postcards)



****Please do not use these zines without my permission, although you are welcome to keep and print them out for personal use.****